Do you Plan for your taxes?

23 March, 2016

Yes, it is that time of year when we are doing our taxes and the outcome can be frustrating or exciting. I am a planner by nature, so I choose to work with professionals who are current and experienced in tax and financial planning. Even more importantly... Read More

Different Income, Different Treatment

8 April, 2014

When we think about income we tend to think about the money we get paid for doing a particular job—this can be contract work or, if you are an employee, it can be referred to as a salary. Most people with a salary have their income taxes (along with CPP... Read More

The First Real Sign of Spring: Your Tax Receipts and What to do with Them

26 March, 2014

Spring is here—but you’d never know it! But look on the bright side, complaining about the weather is something that binds us as Canadians. I know in Ontario we’ve been saying, “It’s been a very long and cold winter!” It’s practically unanimous. The other... Read More

A Taxing Conversation

18 March, 2014

This is a dramatization of a recently overheard conversation. The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the participants. For the purposes of this transcript we have named them Betty-Anne (hereafter called “B.A.”) and Candice Regina Ashton... Read More

RRSPs and TFSAs: A Tale of Two Vehicles

5 March, 2014

We’ve graduated from RRSP Season in February to Tax Season in March and April and this is a good time to talk about the differences between RRSPs and Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs). There are many questions about these two “vehicles”—especially about... Read More

CPPing is Believing: The Canada Pension Plan and You

27 February, 2014

With RRSP Season coming to a close many people are thinking about retirement. This winter has been cold and miserable so why not take our thoughts to the days when we no longer have to work for a living, can sleep in whenever we want, and maybe even go... Read More

Learning to Love your Notice of Assessment, Part 2:

20 February, 2014

Those of you who pulled out your Notice of Assessment (NOA) in anticipation of becoming better acquainted with it (after being spurred on by last week’s blog) may have noticed that there is much more to it than I described. That’s why we’re having a PART... Read More

A Valentine from the CRA: Learning to Love your Notice of Assessment (NOA)

12 February, 2014

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you may be wondering what you could get for your sweetheart. Well, how about a better understanding of how the NOA from CRA affects your RRSP? Flowers and chocolates are just so predictable. Yes, February is not... Read More

5 Little known Facts about Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs)

5 February, 2014

Or, the things we tend to forget! Saving money on your income taxes is a great thing to do. We have a graduated tax system in Canada—yippee! So, what does that mean? The more money you make the more you pay in taxes (in theory at least). It’s actually... Read More

For Everything there is a Season: 10 topics to make the New Year Great.

22 January, 2014

I had the best of intentions to start blogging right out of the gate, but the weather turned weird—going from ice and freezing cold to spring-like conditions—and threw me for a loop. My goal was to WOW you with a breathtakingly amazing schedule of blog... Read More