5 Little known Facts about Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs)

5 February, 2014

Or, the things we tend to forget! Saving money on your income taxes is a great thing to do. We have a graduated tax system in Canada—yippee! So, what does that mean? The more money you make the more you pay in taxes (in theory at least). It’s actually... Read More

If Money could Talk & it can! An Update on the State of the Economy

14 February, 2013

You might think I’m joking, kidding, trying desperately to be funny, but I’m not. I swear that’s what they were named & they were destined to be together, for life – not all four of them, necessarily, but George had to be by George’s side. It was their... Read More

Pocket Change

1 February, 2013

For the last seven years, my wife Colleen and I have been living a very frugal, adventurous lifestyle. Living in our van, off and on, we have travelled across Canada numerous times, learning what it takes to downsize, and live on a very modest budget... Read More

The Accountant and the Giant

27 January, 2013

There once was an evil Giant who robbed the rich caravans on the mountain pass and terrorized the town in the valley below. Many a brave hero had tried to destroy him, but all met with death. Now it came to pass that an Accountant went walking in these... Read More