5 July, 2017

I was asked by Kathy Sage, Minister at the Kingston Unitarian Fellowship to participate in the Sydenham St. United Church's Charter for Compassion Series, in Kingston.... Read More

A Better World Through Strategic Giving...

11 April, 2017

Marie Phillips and Betty-Anne Howard

Marie Phillips and Betty-Anne Howard, as you can see, happily attended this conference and learned a lot as a result. We wanted to share some of the lessons we learned within this Advisor friendly environment.... Read More

The Joy of Philanthropy and Supporting the Arts.

25 January, 2017

Joy of Philanthropy

I just started working with a new Business Coach Jayne Blumenthal, which has led me to become very excited about making even more of my dreams a reality. Her motto is – Change your Mindset, Change your Patterns, Change your Life.... Read More

Caring for Others: The Reality of Dementia and Alzheimer's

21 December, 2016

Taken from John Ivison’s Comment in the Ottawa Citizen Saturday Nov.19/16 titled: Mental Health Action Plan in the Works... Read More

A Simple Idea and a Great Vision, Thank you Mr. Riccardo Donadon!

24 November, 2016

A Simple Idea and a Great Vision, Thank you Mr. Riccardo Donadon!

“It Takes a Village” Nathalie Atkinson reported from Italy on the H-Farm that was “born from a simple idea and a great vision” This vision of “Simplicity, courage, ambition, curiosity, enthusiasm, ethics, determination – these are the values guiding... Read More

Travel Insurance

18 November, 2016

Travel Insurance

I had no idea when I started in this business that there were different types of travel insurance—One time trip, Multiple trip, Emergency Medical, Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption,... Read More

What Women Want! My Rant.

3 November, 2016

I am usually an appreciative type person, having learned so much of how this approach provides much more meaningful answers, from Christie Andrus, who teaches this in the work she does and she’s a friend of mine.... Read More

Book Review “Single by Choice or Chance” By Jill O’Donnell & Jackie Porter

26 October, 2016

Book Review “Single by Choice or Chance” By Jill O’Donnell & Jackie Porter

It is an easy read that will inspire you to really think about what the next chapters of your life, especially retirement will look like for you and how to... Read More

Perception is Everything: What is compassionate financial life planning?

21 September, 2016

I love this photo of our dog Phoenix leaping into the lake, beautifully captured by Peter Richardson who was visiting us for the weekend along with his wife Emma (in the picture their dog, Tilly, is waiting for her turn to leap.) It’s easy for us to read... Read More

What is Your Financial Focus?

15 September, 2016

Like many things, our financial focus will change throughout our lives. Even if we are not completely aware of it, we all go through similar steps in the hopes of creating a life we love. First comes the easy part (as the adults will say) of school. Then... Read More