The Joy of Philanthropy and Supporting the Arts.

25 January, 2017

Joy of Philanthropy

I just started working with a new Business Coach Jayne Blumenthal, which has led me to become very excited about making even more of my dreams a reality. Her motto is – Change your Mindset, Change your Patterns, Change your Life.... Read More

Once Upon a Time...Preamble

5 January, 2015

Ever wonder what would happen to The Paper Bag Princess if, after risking life, limb & a beautiful dress, rescuing the not so grateful Prince Ronald, she arrived home to debrief her Father of the day's events & he had died?! How awful for the Princess... Read More

For Everything there is a Season: 10 topics to make the New Year Great.

22 January, 2014

I had the best of intentions to start blogging right out of the gate, but the weather turned weird—going from ice and freezing cold to spring-like conditions—and threw me for a loop. My goal was to WOW you with a breathtakingly amazing schedule of blog... Read More