There’s more to dreams than meets the eye!

28 September, 2016

I recently felt compelled to head into Kingston to meet Douglas Gardham, the author of two great books. My main reason for leaving paradise, our home, on a sunny idyllic Saturday morning was this. The Globe and Mail wrote a feature article about Doug... Read More

IPC Conference Takeaways and Dreams for Nova Scotia!

27 September, 2016

So glad we attended the 20th anniversary of Investment Planning Counsel (IPC) conference, NO LIMITS, at Blue Mountain Village, Sept 11th to Sept 13th. It was truly a celebration of what IPC has accomplished over the years, and our plans for the future... Read More

Perception is Everything: What is compassionate financial life planning?

21 September, 2016

I love this photo of our dog Phoenix leaping into the lake, beautifully captured by Peter Richardson who was visiting us for the weekend along with his wife Emma (in the picture their dog, Tilly, is waiting for her turn to leap.) It’s easy for us to read... Read More

What is Your Financial Focus?

15 September, 2016

Like many things, our financial focus will change throughout our lives. Even if we are not completely aware of it, we all go through similar steps in the hopes of creating a life we love. First comes the easy part (as the adults will say) of school. Then... Read More


7 September, 2016

I recently completed a bathroom renovation at my house (with the help of a professional) and it made me think about the similarity to Financial Planning. As we pulled away the drywall to see what is behind the wall, we realized we might just as well replace... Read More

Do you shop local?

1 September, 2016

Of course we shop local. We go to the corner store to get the last couple of things for surprise dinner guests. We pick up the odd thing on our way through to work. But have you really stopped to think about where you dollars are actually going and what... Read More