Generativity: What is that? Why is this important?

29 June, 2016

  Once again I am blown away by Mitch Anthony’s books including the one I’m reading right now called Your Clients for Life. He takes a very close look at the research when it comes to trends both within and outside the financial service industry, clearly... Read More

Opportunity Knocks one last time in 2016; Tax Sheltering Strategies not to be missed!

16 June, 2016

  The Federal Government has passed into law certain changes to Universal Life (UL) Insurance Policies that will significantly curtail the amount of money that can be invested and tax sheltered within these policies. Robert Roby and Betty-Anne Howard... Read More

Summer Solstice: Meaning and Purpose

13 June, 2016

We enjoy asking ourselves questions, provides us with the opportunity to stop, think, and reflect. The answers to the questions brings focus and awareness of what’s working in our lives and what’s isn’t working that we may want to change. Eileen Chadnick... Read More

Seven Outstanding Lessons I Learned, Who I Learned it from:

10 June, 2016

  At the RIA Conference in Toronto June 6-7th., 2016 1. Erika Karp Founder and CEO of Cornerstone Capital Inc., in New York City provided us with an entertaining (not easy to do in this business), thought provoking, illuminating talk on Accelerating the... Read More

Financial Planning: Going Beneath the surface

8 June, 2016

I asked Eileen Chadnick if she’d be willing to have her blog article: Seven questions to reflect on to help you spring forward featured on my website. The reason I asked is because I personally and professionally engage in my own ongoing analysis and... Read More

How to set your Children up for Financial Success?

1 June, 2016

Financial success is one of those topics that has a different meaning for everyone. For me, Financial Success is very specific. It’s not just about having enough money but what I can do with it. First it needs to pay for my life-those regular costs of... Read More