Story Telling: Getting to the Heart of Meaningful Financial Planning

26 April, 2016

I recently attended the Canadian Association of Gift Planners’ ( annual conference at the Banff Centre and was delighted to learn more about the role of storytelling for both donors and charitable organizations.  This led me to reading... Read More

What Happens When there is a HEALTH CRISIS?

18 April, 2016

Everyone knows it is important to have an emergency fund, but how many people actually have one? Or  have some savings that could be used to cover their monthly costs of living if there was a crisis?  Naturally, we do not wish this to happen, and life... Read More

A Musical Leap of Faith

13 April, 2016

Story telling is a powerful medium. Derek and Allison are making their dreams a reality, one step at a time. They are a lovely example of how their values are determining how they want to live their lives and I am fortunate to be a part of their journey... Read More

Disability Insurance and You

7 April, 2016

About five years ago I was off work for 4 months due to a heart condition. And, although my income stopped, the bills didn’t, forcing me to return to work earlier than my doctor recommended. A disability—whether it appears suddenly or is the result of... Read More