Mortgage Insurance or Life Insurance?

25 January, 2016

How to insure your mortgage A home is a big investment and most people need to take on a mortgage to achieve it. When things are going well, a mortgage can be quite manageable. But what if something happens to you? That is why it is important to ensure... Read More

Do you know what you spend? Really?

18 January, 2016

“Let’s meet at Tim Hortons” is something you hear it all the time—and meeting for coffee, lunch, or drinks is a great way to connect with friends and colleagues. But do you know how much you spend on this in a month? Maybe you should. Starting a new year... Read More

Book Review: Find a Way - written by DIANA NYAD

12 January, 2016

I will be turning 60 in February (hard to believe, I know!) and so I was eager to read this book. Why? Because at the age of 64, Diana Nyad swam 111 miles from Cuba to Florida—without a shark cage!—in waters teaming with sharks and deadly box jelly fish... Read More

Financial Planning at Different Stages

7 January, 2016

This is what I wrote on Tiger and Stella's birthday. I know they are too young to understand it. But I want it to be a starting point, every year I will re-visit it to improve and to complete. Then I will have a better one to educate them when they are... Read More