Critical Illness Insurance Why Bother?

27 October, 2015

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Ask yourself a few questions: Can you afford to shoulder the costs associated with becoming critically ill?  What would be the long-term impact if you were to remove, say, $50,000, from your savings plan? Would you have to postpone your retirement?  What... Read More

Five Prevalent Myths and Misconceptions about...You guessed it, insurance!

22 October, 2015

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Myth #1 Cheaper even Cheapest is best! If cost is a factor and you need the maximum amount of life insurance and you budget can only take so much then, then the temptation is to shop around and get the cheapest price possible. However what happens if... Read More

What happens to child life insurance now that my child is 18?

15 October, 2015

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As a parent, when my girls were born, I was advised to purchase life insurance for them. My personal reach was “just in case” but there are many reasons and advantages to adding a Child Rider to your policy or purchase one of their own. My oldest girl... Read More

Climbing Camelback Mountain

5 October, 2015

As I was climbing Camelback Mountain while attending a Fidelity Due Diligence conference in Scottsdale Arizona in May, it occurred to me that much of what I was experiencing could be viewed with the lens of my latest book, Making Your Dreams a Reality:... Read More

Why buying insurance for a child is important: Gretchen Huntley’s Story

2 October, 2015

We called ourselves The Doom and Gloom corner, Gretchen and I, smiling as people gracefully walked away from us. Please let me provide you with some much needed context. The Authors Corner at the Lyndhurst Public Library provided local authors the opportunity... Read More