The Accountant and the Giant

27 January, 2013

There once was an evil Giant who robbed the rich caravans on the mountain pass and terrorized the town in the valley below. Many a brave hero had tried to destroy him, but all met with death. Now it came to pass that an Accountant went walking in these... Read More

Money can't Buy Time, but having More Time gave us More Money!

16 January, 2013

In 2001 when we met, we were both working full-time and not loving it. After we moved in together, we recall working different schedules and joked that we were “two ships passing in the night”. We did this for a few years, not questioning it because most... Read More

The Golden Goose Story

9 January, 2013

"Gimme, gimme, gimme”, that’s all they heard & to tell you quite honestly, they were getting sick to death of it. Greed, was what they called it collectively. Mildred had been given permission to be the spokesperson for all the Golden Geese (GG) in their... Read More

The Life & Times of Money & One Little Guy in Particular

9 January, 2013

$$ had heard there was a new book that all the people were reading, especially the women. They were getting excited about the new possibilities, that were once too many shades of brown, they all agreed. Our question, we being $$, is this; why not green?... Read More