Time & Money Freedom

7 December, 2016

What does time and money freedom mean? I believe that the answer is very individual.

Time & Money Freedom

What does time and money freedom mean?  I believe that the answer is very individual. 

For me, it is the freedom to do what I want, when I want, and even with whom I want.  Never having to look at the budget closely and only having to consult the calendar to make sure the day is not already booked with FUN!

I know this sounds like a millionaire’s lifestyle, but for me it is very simple.  More time to do the things I choose to do—adventure, being creative, spending time in nature and not watching the clock so closely.  It does not mean gold faucets and 10 star travel accommodations. 

It means getting up when my body has had enough sleep and not at 5am to start another full day.  Not rushing through coffee with a friend or dinner with my family.

This sounds like “retirement” doesn’t it?  Maybe for some, but I don’t want to wait.  What can I do now that will allow me to start having some of these choices today? 

Talking to my financial advisor, Betty-Anne, about my goals and dreams is the first step.  It is so important that I trust her to help me design a plan to suite my needs.  She understands my values and priorities and shows me steps I can start taking now that will help me achieve my goals, while living my dreams. 

I have to learn to be patient—not something I would say I am good at J—as my investments grow.  Having a clear plan makes it easier to stay focused on the big picture while enjoying the adventures in my life now.  Of course, life can change in a heartbeat and we adjust while continuing to move forward and that too is a part of our financial life planning.

In the busy, fast-paced world we live in, this is becoming even more important.  Finding ways to manage stress and not get overwhelmed.  Living in the present moment and being able to turn my business brain off and truly enjoy great company and conversation which is essential to my wellbeing. 

Making time for the things that keep me grounded and to build relationships doesn’t have to wait.  I am so grateful to have a financial life plan in place as this reduces financial stress and helps me focus on what truly matters to me!